Freestanding Balloon Garland - Grab & Go (1.5m and 0.5m)

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***Same day delivery can be available depending on colour availability. If received, we will call if we are unable to fulfill your request and send through a full refund. If you're happy with any colour scheme, select "leave it up to us" and that will guarantee same day delivery before 10:30am***

The Product

A freestanding balloon garland 2 metres in total. The garland is split into two pieces, one at 1.5m and one at 0.5m. Perfect for your next event to add some colour and brightness!

In the event that we are unable to meet colour requests, the customer will be contacted and the purchase will be refunded if we cannot meet customer requests. Please ensure a correct phone number is included during checkout.

Car Specifications

A 2m garland will fit most SUVs and even larger hatchbacks with the seats down. We can also delivery your garland in our van.

Additional Helium Balloons

Add helium sets, bunches or personalised balloons to your cart to include it in your order.

Balloon Finish

Balloon garlands oxidise over time and will result in a matte finish however this may not occur in time for your event. Balloon Garlands are expected to last 1 - 3 weeks after installation.

Terms & Conditions

All purchases of this product have agreed to balloon garland terms and conditions as well as hiring terms and condition. Please read through for reference [link] and [link].

Delivery Locations

Check our Delivery Areas page in the menu to see if your location is in our delivery areas.

Delivery Timing

Your deliveries will enter a delivery schedule for that day between 10:30 am and 5:30pm. If you have a specific time or deadline that your order needs to be delivered by, please confirm with us through phone or email.

Delivery Instructions

You will have the option to select pick up or delivery date and time during checkout.

Please see our *Delivery & Pick Up Protocol and *Delivery & Pick Up Terms & Conditions to understand our protocol when recipients are not home. Please note delivery charge will not be refunded if recipients are not home. Please factor in your purchase decisions that balloons that are left at location are subject to wind, heat and sunlight which may affect the balloons. In certain circumstances where the courier has deemed bunch “unsafe to leave” our couriers will bring back the balloons for pick up in our West Perth Studio.

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