Shiny blobs
of gas picked up or delivered.

Just a team of humans and a dog called Abe, delivering balloon bundles to your friends, family & co-workers around Perth Metro. Who doesn’t love a good gassy surprise?

Same day deliveries are subject to availability. Order before  12pm for your best chance.


Order your Lunabomb online and let us know what day to deliver.


In the event there is an issue with the order, we’ll contact the phone number provided. If not, it means your order is all ready to go!


When the special day comes we’ll let you know when your order is being processed and when it has been delivered.


Alright frands, it’s time to suck up the helium and get ordering! I think you’ll find we have quite the selection.

Looking for a custom order?

So you've had a look at our Lunabombs and none of them quite rise to the top. Don't feel deflated, we have a bunch of stock for custom bundles. Send us a message below and let us know what you need!