Where do you deliver?

Please check out our Delivery Areas page to see the current postcodes we deliver to in the Perth Metro area. However, if you are outside the catchment area and are eager to get your hands on a Luna you can contact us for a custom delivery cost:

email: pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au

or call: 0459 587 699 during our opening hours.

Yes we delivery to the CBD, hospitals and hotels.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes! Pick up is in West Perth at The Sapling Co-working Space, 133 Fitzgerald Street, West Perth. You will be asked to select a pick up time during check out.

Can I make a same day order?

Yes! We accept same day orders up until 10:30am. However you can still try your luck after that if you are in a close $10 Perth Metro area. If you are out of the area and want to see if you can get an order through please call through during opening hours.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes, we deliver on Saturdays. We have closed Sunday deliveries for 2021 but may reopen them next year.

What time will the recipient receive their Luna delivery?

Recipients will receive their Luna between 10:30am – 5:30pm. With majority of deliveries happening between 10:30 and 3pm. You can included a preferred time in “Delivery Instructions” and we will do our best to take that into consideration. If you need your order to arrive at a specific time, please do not order unless that has been confirmed with a staff member.

Organising a pick up with us is the only way to guarantee timing. By purchasing and selecting delivery, you are acknowledging that you are happy for it to be delivered any time between 10:30am and 5:30pm

What if nobody is home during delivery?

If there is nobody home we will contact the delivery number that was entered during checkout. If there is no answer, we will leave the balloons tied to the most secure area. If we do not believe the weather is suitable for balloons to be left, we will bring the balloons back to our studio for pick up or redelivery for an additional delivery charge.


Can I make a custom order or order balloons for an event?

Currently we are only taking bespoke custom orders above $200. We may be able to accommodate requests that are only slight variations from the current products. We can also take suggestions for products that you think we should have on our website. There will be features on the website to customise for orders under that budget. Contact us at pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au 0or call 0459 587 699 during contact hours to start talking about your custom order.


Do you have alternative payment methods?

Yes! We can process an order through credit card, bank transfer, Pay ID or Paypal through a link or through the phone. We can also send invoices.


How long are the balloons suppose to last?

We go above standards to maximise float time. For majority of our latex balloons we use high float (gel that maximises float time), biodegradable quality qualatex balloons and 100% helium in our latex balloons at no extra cost. At most balloon providers this is an extra cost!

The major factor in how long your balloons last is the conditions in which they are kept. If they have been out in the sun, kept in a warm room or have been exposed to wind your balloons will deflate at a faster rate.

Small latex confetti balloons and marble latex balloons have to lowest float time, due to the heaviness of the confetti. This can be anywhere from half a day to 2 days. For longer lasting balloons we suggest ordering foil balloon bunches or the Confetti Bubble. If your balloons are for an event, please order as close to the event as possible.

Can I order balloons the night before?

Overnight latex balloons are not generally recommended in warm weather but you are free to order how you please. Any balloons that have been ordered for the day after do so at their own risk and will not be eligible for a refund.

Based on past orders, most balloons will stay floating for several days, so they will likely be fine for the day after. We just cannot guarantee this as we have no control over how they are kept in that time.

What happens if I feel like my balloons have deflated faster than they are suppose to?

We are a business that relies entirely on the good faith of our customers. As balloons are a fragile product we can only guarantee that they leave our studio and are delivered fully inflated and in good condition. Unfortunately, we have no control over the conditions in which the balloons are kept.

If your balloons have deflated faster than you expected please assess whether they have been kept in cool conditions. Also check if it is the fringe or card that is weighing down the balloons.

If you truly believe that these have not contributed in the deflation and they have deflated in before the suggested time frames above, we are happy to provide 50% refund on the balloon bundle (does not include delivery). Please send a picture to pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au.

If balloons have been ordered the night before, your balloons will not be eligible for a refund.




Anything else we can help you with?

Let us know if you've got anymore questions we can help you with!