Where do you deliver?

Please check out our Delivery Areas page to see the current postcodes we deliver to most areas in Perth within a 45 min drive of Bayswater.

email: pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au

or call: 0459 587 699 during our opening hours.

Do you deliver to special areas?

Yes we delivery to the CBD, hospitals, hotels, shops and schools.

Do you deliver on weekends?

Yes, we deliver on Saturdays. We are no longer open on Sunday except for balloon garland installations or helium balloon orders over $350.

What time will the recipient receive their Luna delivery?

Recipients will receive their Luna between 9:30am – 5:30pm. With majority of deliveries happening between 10:30 and 3pm. If you need your order to arrive at a specific time, please do not order unless that has been confirmed with a staff member. If have removed the ability to request times in our “Delivery Instruction” . Please call through for special requests. We may be able to order an on-time delivery for an extra cost. This is the only way to guarantee timing. By purchasing and selecting delivery, you are acknowledging that you are happy for it to be delivered any time between 10:30am and 5:30pm.

What if nobody is home during delivery?

If there is nobody home we will contact the delivery we will follow our Delivery Protocol.


Can I pick up my order?

Yes! Pick up is at 79 Whatley Crescent, Bayswater. You will be asked to select a pick up time during check out.

Do I have to pick up at the time I select?

We prefer that your item is picked up within half an hour of selected pick up time, however if you are running late please call through. You have up until our staff clocks off to collect your bunches, however this will vary with each day. Often our staff will clock off when orders are complete. We will contact any remaining deliveries half an hour before we shut. If your order is not collected before this time, or there is no answer and the shop shuts, you will have to collect them the next day.

Please note that by selecting a certain pick up time, someone else will not be able to have that pick up time so it is best to select as close as possible to the time you plan to come.

What if my preferred pick up time is not available?

Please select the closest pick up time and call us during contact hours. Leaving preferred pick up in the delivery instructions is not enough. The pick up times available are the hours that we are almost 100% sure we will be at the studio but there is a chance we will be there at other hours. We will try and accommodate where we can. If you are looking to secure a time slot out of our delivery times please contact us through email or phone.


Can I make a same day order?

Yes! We accept same day orders up until 10:30am. However you can still try your luck after that if you are in a close $10 Perth Metro area by calling the studio. If you are out of the area and want to see if you can get an order through please call through during opening hours.

Can I make a custom order or order balloons for an event?

Yes. Contact us at pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au or call 0459 587 699 during contact hours to start talking about your custom order.


Do you have alternative payment methods?

Yes! We can process an order through credit card, bank transfer, Pay ID, afterpay or Paypal through a link or through the phone. We can also send invoices.


What do you do to ensure long lasting balloons?

We go above and beyond industry standard to maximise float time.

Time in studio: Inflated balloons are monitored for at least 1 hour before being delivered. This is protocol that we implemented to ensure that there are no small holes or defects in any of the balloons. For any balloons that show signs of deflation we remove them and replace them. Before these extremely hot summer months when the sun wasn’t being such a pain, we had not had one customer complaint about deflation in 6 months. This is a pretty good result for a perishable item!

Hi Float: We add high float free of charge or all latex and latex confetti balloons which creates a coat around the latex to prevent latex balloons deflating faster. Hi Float will extend balloon float time by a few days. This is often an extra cost with other balloon businesses.

Quality balloons: For all latex balloons we use quality Qualatex, Australian owned, biodegradable balloons where styles are available. We also use quality Sempertex and Tuftex balloons

Heat sealing foil balloons: We will heat seal valves of foil balloons to close the valve and reduce potential leaking. This is often an extra cost with other balloon businesses.

Triple tying balloons: We tie our balloons at 3 points so that they do accidently float away with wind. This also helps when a balloon is tied above the valve, to reduce potential leaking.

High concentrate helium: All latex balloons are inflated with 100% helium

Cool temperature studio: We keep our studio cool in the summer and blast that aircon!

How long are the balloons suppose to last?

The major factor in how long your balloons last is the conditions in which they are kept. If they have been out in the sun, kept in a warm room or have been exposed to wind your balloons will deflate at a faster rate.

Shortest float times:

Latex confetti balloons – can last anywhere from half a day to 2 days depending on how they are kept, due to the heaviness of the confetti.

Gender reveal balloons – can have very short float times as we cannot apply high-float to them and they contain a lot of very heavy confetti. We would estimate 1 day maximum and definitely would not keep them overnight.

Can I order balloons the night before?

Overnight latex balloons are not generally recommended in warm weather but you are free to order how you please. Any balloons that have been ordered for the day after do so at their own risk and will not be eligible for a refund.

If they are bagged, we would suggest to keep them overnight out of the bag, away from windows, out of direct sunlight in a cool temperature room.

Based on past orders, most balloons will stay floating for several days, so they will likely be fine for the day after. They will be slightly less fresh looking. We just cannot guarantee this as we have no control over how they are kept in that time.

When we inflate balloons for ourselves and keep them in our cool studio, they usually last for at least 2 days.


Do I have to order a package?

No, we can customise to your event.

Is there a minimum size order for garlands?

We recommend a minimum size of 2m for balloon garlands, but can produce them at any requested size. 

What is the cost of balloon garlands?

Our balloon garlands begin at $100.00 per metre, the price can be adjusted based on any additional features you would like to include with your garland. Addition of confetti or orb balloons comes at $20. Fringe, crepe and flourishes come at $30. Novelty balloons come at $60.

Does a delivery fee apply to installation?

Delivery fees depend on location and order. We can offer packages for balloon garlands, frame, delivery and installation. This will be discussed during your quote. 

What size is available for balloon garlands?

We do recommend a minimum order of 2m for balloon garlands, however they can be made at any custom sizing. Additionally, if you are limited on space for travel, we are able to split the garland into 2x 1m garlands to fit in the car. The garland may also be split vertically into 1×1.5m and 1×0.5m.

What are the payment options for balloon garlands?

Luna Balloon Club requests full payment prior to the event day. An invoice will be produced and sent after you have made your selections, if you have any questions regarding payment methods please let us know. Luna Balloon Club accepts credit card payments over the phone also. 

Are you able to replicate an image of a balloon garland I send you?

Most likely we will have the stock in the images provided. We will send a Colour guide for your selection. As each garland is individual, there may be variations. We will endeavour to match the garland to your reference image in both colours and positioning. If the balloons are standard colours, we can easily match them using off the colours. Please note images that have been uploaded to the internet may have a filter added which can alter the colours, this will make it difficult to match using off the shelf colours. We will do a last colour confirmation of the garland three days before the event.

Is it possible to use matte finish balloons for my balloon garland?

The balloons we use for garlands are typically shiny, and although may appear matte in images, are unlikely to appear so for your event. Balloon garlands oxidise over time and will result in a matte finish however this may not occur in time for your event. We can create your garland 7 days in advance in hopes that they mattify before your event. Balloon Garlands are expected to last 1 – 3 weeks after installation.

Is it possible for my balloon garland to be installed outside?

For balloon garlands installed outdoors, we would recommend using a frame to secure the garland. For freestanding outdoor installations, we will need to know ahead of time that the event is outdoors to ensure the garland is adequately weighted, and has a safe place to rest against.

Am I able to keep the balloons after the event?

Absolutely! Balloons can be kept after the event however hired items must be collected back after the event. 

How long will installation of garland and backdrop take?

Our balloon garlands are installed in allocated timeslots. We set 2 hours between time slots, however most garlands do not take this time. Garland set up times depend on the complexity of the design, and size of garland. If you would like a more accurate estimate, please contact pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au

Can I install the garland myself?

Our garlands can be DIY installed! You can attach garlands using fishing line and command hooks to secure. If you would like some direction on installation, do not hesitate to ask

Same day pickup

Same day pickups are available for a $50.00 fee.

Sunday installation

Luna Balloon Club is able to install any garlands on Sunday for an additional $100 Sunday surcharge. This will be discussed upon initial quote if you have selected on your Events Detail Sheet  and included in your final invoice. 

Is it possible to make my own balloon garland from your uninflated balloons?

We are able to sell individual balloons if you would like to make your own garland.

 If I purchase balloons elsewhere, can you make them into a balloon garland for me?

This is a service we no longer provide as we cannot control the quality of balloons purchased externally.

What happens if I feel like my balloons have deflated faster than they are suppose to?

We are a business that relies entirely on the good faith of our customers. As balloons are a fragile product we can only guarantee that they leave our studio and are delivered fully inflated and in good condition. Unfortunately, we have no control over the conditions in which the balloons are kept.

If your balloons have deflated faster than you expected please assess whether they have been kept in cool conditions. Also check if it is the fringe or card that is weighing down the balloons.

If you truly believe that these have not contributed in the deflation and they have deflated in before the suggested time frames above, we are happy to provide 50% refund on the balloon bundle (does not include delivery). Please send a picture to pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au.

If balloons have been ordered the night before, your balloons will not be eligible for a refund. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.