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Please include details of what colours and numbers you would like?

5 bunch - 3 latex balloons, 1 confetti balloons and 1 foil balloon (applies to confetti bubble and number)

10 bunch - 6 latex balloons, 2 confetti balloons and 2 foil balloon

Kids bunch - 1 novelty balloon, 2 jumbo confetti balloons, 3 latex balloons, 2 foils

Lovebomb - 10 hearts

Luna In The Sky - 5 rainbow orbs or 8 rainbow orbs

Colours available for numbers: Silver, rose gold, rainbow, gold, blue, black and pink

Colours available for lovebomb: red, pink and rose gold

Delivery Timing:
  • Option One: Enter Delivery Route - Deliveries will occur any time between 10:30am - 5:30pm in our delivery run according to our customer delivery policy. Currently with the way our external couriers deliver, deliveries usually arrive before 12pm, however this is not guaranteed.
  • Option Two: On Time Delivery - We will need to rearrange our delivery schedule or order an external on-time courier to accommodate the on time deliver
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Custom Orders
For custom orders, we can discuss packaging on time delivery into large orders when they come through. You can select custom order on the order link or send through an email to pop@lunaballoonclub.com.au

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