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The Bloom Set is a combination of personalised balloons and a daisy bunch.


Pick between a single with one bunch or a duo with two bunches!

Gifts & Gift Boxes

1. 6 Candle Set: 6 flavours of candles wrapped up in cute packaging! See our flavour range here. If you would like a specific flavour please mention this in Delivery Instructions during checkout.

2. Blossom Box: 2 flavours of Two foxes candles and an astrology puzzle from Piecework Puzzles. Please mention your desired starsign in Delivery Instructions during checkout.


All balloons come inflated. We include a balloon weight and decorative fringe on all bunches. High float (a gel that maximises float time) is also included free of charge in all standard size latex and confetti balloons for maximum float time.

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Delivery Instructions

You will have the option to select pick up or delivery date and time during checkout.

We are not usually open for delivery on Sundays but will be open for delivery for all special event days if they fall on a Sunday such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Please see our *Delivery & Pick Up Protocol and *Delivery & Pick Up Terms & Conditions to understand our protocol when recipients are not home. Please note delivery charge will not be refunded if recipients are not home. Please factor in your purchase decisions that balloons that are left at location are subject to wind, heat and sunlight which may affect the balloons. In certain circumstances where the courier has deemed bunch “unsafe to leave” our couriers will bring back the balloons for pick up in our West Perth Studio.

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