Balloon Bubble with Personalised Message

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The Product

A single custom confetti bubble balloon with a custom message and mini balloons inside. For additional foil, confetti and latex balloons please select additional balloons.

The bubble balloon is approximately 35-50cm in size


Mini balloons: We have a few popular colour combinations for your selection or choose to customise the colour by letting us know in the custom colour preference text box.

Font: For further customisations (font colour or style) please include in "Custom Colour Preference" text box. Otherwise we will use our own creative judgement as to which font fits the words and recipient best. You can also let us know about your recipient and we can cater to that description e.g. "He's an 8 year old boy who hates yellow!"

Balloons may not be exact to picture.


All balloons come inflated. We include a balloon weight and decorative fringe on all bunches. High float (a gel that maximises float time) is also included free of charge in all standard latex and confetti balloons for maximum float time.

Balloons may not be exact to picture as they will be customised to your preference.

Delivery Timing

Deliveries occur from 10:30am onwards. We will try our best to work towards requested delivery times but they are not guaranteed. Expect your delivery to arrive between 10:30am and 5:00pm. If you have a specific time or deadline that your order needs to be delivered by, please confirm with us through phone, email or text for guaranteed delivery, otherwise your suggested time is not guaranteed.

Delivery Instructions

There is an option during checkout to let us know delivery instructions or details. Please factor in your purchase decisions that balloons that are left are subject to wind, heat and sunlight which may effect the balloons. In extreme weather conditions where it has been deemed that the balloons will likely be damaged if left, our couriers will bring back the balloons for pick up in West Perth unless otherwise selected. Please note delivery charge will not be refunded.

Late Same Day Orders

Same day orders are granted at or before 10:30am. Often we will grant same day orders up until 12pm but this is not guaranteed. You can try your luck for a same day orders after 10:30am, depending on our delivery route and volume that day this may accepted. You will know your same day order has been accepted if you receive an email that the order status is "Processing". In the event we cannot fulfil your order you will receive a full refund. Occasionally for same day and late same day orders, delivery arrive will be after 5:00pm.

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